Rihanna to Play Janet Leigh, Psycho Character Marion Crane

Since initially airing in 2013, Bates Motel – a prequel offshoot to famous Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho which have built up a cult fanbase will come to an end by next year.

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Despite being set in an another century to the 1960 horror, a source at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 reported that Marion Crane – the role famously played by Janet Leigh – is to present in the show’s fifth and final installment by none other than singing sensation super hot Rihanna.

The singer was slated to play the character in a video which was telecasted during the TV show’ the sources visited by the series’s stars Freddie Highmore, Vera Farmiga and Nestor Carbonell as well as executive producer Carlton Cuse (Lost).

Crane is the part at the center of the film’s memorable and iconic shower death sequence; whether that scene will be recreated in the show remains to be seen.

Here is that famous and iconic scene from classic Physco:-


Cuse explained Rihanna’s fixture as a plan five years in the production.

The sequence also stars Highmore as Norman Bates, the psychopathic villain character made popular by Anthony Perkins in Hitchcock’s masterpiece. It was also reported that The Conjuring lead Farmiga – who played the character of Norman’s mother, Norma in the movie – was to comeback despite a part four turn and twist seeming to write her out.

Cuse affirmed: “The last installment of the series would really be Norman in his hilarious psychopathology, more like the role in the movie – but that doesn’t indicate that Norma will not have a part. In fact, she has an immense role but she’ll be Norman’s imagining of her.”

Bates Motel is slated to be on air its final season in 2017.

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