Rimi Get Eliminated Bigg Boss 9 1st December 2015 Episode Rs 2 Lakh Task Winner Result

Rimi Get Eliminated Bigg Boss 9 1st December 2015 Episode Rs 2 Lakh Task Winner Result : Its 51st Day of Bigg Boss 9 house and today ‘Apna Paisa Money Money Money’ Gunny Bags of Rs 2 Lakhs task winner result will took place. All the contestants had performed very well in this task. Kishwer and Prince are the last two contestants who have left this task. So, no one had completed Rs 2 Lakhs task. Before this Mandana, Suyyash, Rishabh had already left Gunny bag task. In today’s episode Rimi Sen will get eliminated from Bigg Boss 9. She gets minimum votes from the audience. Now below get complete details of Bigg Boss 9 1st December 2015 Episode.

Bigg Boss 9 1st December 2015 Episode

Bigg Boss 9 1st December 2015 Episode

Rimi Sen Gets Eliminated today from Bigg Boss 9 house.

Bigg Boss 9 1st December 2015 Episode

Money Task Details :

Mandana left the task, the inmates will not be getting the doubled amount. Rimi had 0 in her money bag, so the house will not have any loss. Kanwaljeeth had 79/- so that will also not be a great loss.

As per this task the total housemates of the “Bigg Boss 9” need to keep holding the rope for 24 hours to grasp Rs 20 lakh. The contestants’ works hard and tried their best to win the task. This one is the “gunny bags task”.

Priya Malik who is the captain of the house, became the moderator of the task. She did a fabulous job anyway.

All inmates get into heated argument. Rochelle, Kishwar, Keith, Prince are holding ropes till morning. Kishwar says i feel like my body is jammed by standing in this position for so long. Later Priya as captain have meeting with inmates to divide household chores, Rishab says Mandana should not cook food as she get selfish and thinks about herself only, Priya says Mandana should think about humanity even if calling out on Kanwal when he is eating or is it Rishab, Mandana says oh God mother India (Priya) started again, i wont cook for anyone whom i dont like, Kishwar ask we only wanna know if you wanna cook or not? Mandana shouts on kishwar.

No contestants other then Priya can Nominate this week. Only Priya can nominate any contestant which see would like to be.

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