Rimi Sen Did Not Leaave BB9 House Bigg Boss 9 28th Nov 2015 Episode Keith Returns

Yesterday episode of the controversial reality show “Bigg Boss 9” will be starting with as we know Salman Khan’s grand entry. He will be there to have chit-chat with the housemates. He will be also there to reveal the evicted participant name. Yesterday the show has 5 nominated contestants’ which includes Rochealle Rao, Rishabh Sinha, Mandana Karim, Digananah Suryavanshi and no one else Rimi Sen. Rimi Sen is desperate to leave the house as we know all.

Rimi Sen Did Not Leaave BB9 House Bigg Boss 9 28th Nov 2015 Episode

Bigg Boss 9 28th November 2015 Episode

Rimi is literally inactive here and she is neither participating in any task. Constantly, she is crying to go from here. Somehow it is little bit irritating for her housemates, as well I think for public. Anyway, in tonight episode of the show you will be witnessing something new here which never happened till now in the entire history of “Bigg Boss”.

As we know after the “Car Immunity Task” will be complete, which is wins by Priya, as per live feed. The main door of the “Bigg Boss” house will be open for 5 minutes. “Bigg Boss” himself will be announce that who wants to leave the house, should leave the house right now.

Those who don’t want to stay here he has no right to stay here. After announcement everyone will be start pressuring Rimi Sen to leave the house. Especially, Rishabh he was pressuring much Rimi to say good bye to the house.

It would be interesting to see what will be the decision of Rimi. As we know she wants to go from here, so how she will be taking this opportunity of the opening gate.

“Bigg Boss” tweeted regarding opening door, “Khula hua hai #BiggBoss ke ghar ka darwaza! Who do you want to see step out & leave the game tonight? #BB9” – Bigg Bos 9

Other than, tonight also upcoming film “Dilwale” star cast will be there in the house for the film promotion. Varun Dhawan and Kirti Sanon will be joining the house tonight. The report is saying that the leading man Shah Rukh Khan will be also first time will be appearing in the “Bigg Boss” house for “Dilwale” promotion.

But probably he will be coming in the house later with his co-actress Kajol. Anyway, Varun Dhawan confirms to be part of “Bigg Boss 9” and he said, “I and Kriti (Sanon) might enter the house on 28th (November). I have spoken to Salman bhai and he said why don’t you come and promote the song”.

“Shah Rukh sir might go later. When SRK and Salman are in the same frame, I don’t think you would want to see anyone else. I will see it on TV”. Varun added further.

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