Rio Olympics 2016: Argentine football team robbed in Mexico

The Rio Olympics is about to kick off in Brazil in jus a couple of weeks and the news is coming out that Argentina Football team is robbed in the Mexico.


This incident took place when Argentina Football team was playing a warm-up game against the Central American nation before both the sides begin their campaign at the Games.

The robber took the cash and other electronic gadgets of the football players, from their hotel rooms in the city of Puebla, Mexico when all the players were sweating out in ground.

Claudio Tapia. who is the vice-president of y Argentina Football Association (AFA) informed about this news to the media wings. Meanwhile, it is believed that the Mexican Football Federation had reached an agreement with the AFA and they asked the insurance companies to return the loss of the footballers and thus, footballers will receive their losses that they incurred from this theft.

Tapia told the media that ” although, there was no players were injured as we all were on the ground, but when we returned back to the hotel rooms we realize that everything was messed up and our few items and cash were missing. Now, we all are now looking for finding the robbers.”

He also informed that an insurance company and Hotel will pay for the losses of players. The officials of the Argentina football team informed about this loss through the Tweeter.

COMUNICADO La Selección que se prepara para ir a @rio2016_es sufrió un robo en el Hotel Camino Real Angelópolis

— Selección Argentina (@Argentina) July 29, 2016

The question arises here about the security issues at the Olympic Games. Earlier this year, two others cases came under lights and raises a lot of eyebrows on the safety of the security of Rio Olympics 2016.