Rio Olympics 2016: French gymnast suffers horror leg injury vault landing

Rio Olympics 2016: French gymnast suffers horror leg injury vault landing : Samir Aït Saïd who is a French gymnast sadly suffered a serious double leg fracture on Saturday at Rio Olympics. This incident took place when Samir pushed his moves dangerously to give the solid competition to his rivals, but somehow failed to do so and resulted in breaking down of the left leg.


Samir injured himself in the vault in the men’s qualifying at the Rio Olympic Arena. Later, the French official told media wing that Samir snapped the lower part of his left leg landing badly and suffered a double tibia and fibula fracture.

Although, Samir fell down on the soft mat, but he landed on the mat in agony clutching the back of his knee and the lower part of his leg and thus, visibly flopped to one side to gasps of horror from the crowd.

Soon he suffered the injury, medical staff came there and treated him and later, took him to the medical center. Corinne Callon who is the team director of French team showed his emotion and told media that ” We’re still overcome by emotion, it’s unexpected, dramatic.”

Meanwhile, the fellow athletes of Samir “Ait Said” along with the whole audience present out there were in serious shock and they were not able to believe this as it was seriously horrifying to watch.

The fellow athletes of Samir showed their concern as they told media wing that ” the current system of sport is putting a lot of pressure on the athletes and due to this they are trying their best and sometimes in coping with the level of competition players from different sport are trying something different and this, same happened with Samir.


Meanwhile, this is not the second blow for the for the gymnast from Antibes who missed the London Games because of a knee injury. This is a sad news and the kind of injury that Samir has sustained, it will become hard for him to come back as this kind of injury even prevents the athletes from participation in any sporting event.
But, for now, we can only pray for Samir and will wish for his return from such a serious injury.