Rio Olympics Bus carrying Journalists attacked bullets suspected

Rio De Janeiro: On Tuesday, a bus carrying journalists of Rio Olympics came under attack. Rio police were investigating whether bullets were fired from the notorious City of God favela. Organisers of the Rio 2016 said that two journalists got minor injuries in the attack.


After the two windows of bus were blown out, journalists in the bus hurled down themselves to the floor of the bus. The driver of bus put his foot down and got the passengers to the main press centre of the Rio Games 2016.

Gaston Sainz of the Argentinian daily La Nacion said that media persons threw themselves to the floor and two kilometer later the police came and escorted us to the main press center of Rio Games 2016 with the broken windows of the bus.

According to the reporters that two impacts on the right side of the bus shattered two windows. In this incident a reporter from Belarus injured and his hand got minor cut caused by the window glasses. There is no conformation whether it was bullets or stones.

According to the statement of organisers that the driver of the bus heard a noise from inside the bus, he thought that the equipment of photography falling down.


Suddenly, the bus driver looked in the rear view mirror and noticed that the passengers were lying on the ground.

He did not stopped the bus until he saw a police car. He realised that two windows on the same side of the bus were broken.

According to the statement that Two passengers on arriving at the media center of the Rio Games 2016, got minor injuries caused by broken glass cuts.

The bus driver gave his statement to the police and police investigated the matter.

After this incident, the security forces and police of Rio increased patrols.

The IOC said that it would wait for a police investigation report before commenting on this incident.

This bus incident raises more concerns about security at the Rio de Janeiro Games 2016.

The Government of Brazil is deploying about 85,000 soldiers and police to secure the games and athletes. This deploying forces is twice as many as London did four years ago in 2012.