Rio Paralympics: Deepa Malik scripts history, wins silver medal in shot put F-53

The Paralympics 2016, has brought many records for the Indians and it is still on a roll. On Monday, Deepa Malik gave millions of Indians a moment to celebrate.


Deepa Malik grabbed a silver medal in in the shot put F-53 event at Paralympics. Deepa not only win the silver medal but she became the first first-ever woman from the country to win a medal at the Paralympics.

In the overall 6 attempts, Deepa best throw of 4.61m helps her in becoming the Gold medalist in the shot put. Fatema Nedham clinched the Gold Medal with her throw of 4.76m and Dimitra Korokida, bagged the Bronze medal of her best throw of throw of 4.28m.

Deepa will be rewarded with Rs. 4 crores from the Haryana government.
Meanwhile, Deepa has been the real champion in her real life. Deepa became paralysed from her waist before 17 years ago due to a spinal tumour. There were 31 surgeries conducted to remove that tumour.

Although, even after the surgery Deepa was not able to walk and she became paralysed for the lifetime. Deepa is the mother of two children and his husband is an Army officer.

Deepa never gave up and even after getting paralysed, she trained hard and finally win the Silver medal, and this makes her absolute legend. Apart, from shot put, Deepa won medals in swimming at international competitions.

Well, Deepa now went to record book and whole India is proud to this new champion of India.