Rishabh Rochelle Fight Bigg Boss 9 5th November 2015 Episode Written Updates Puneet New Wildcard Entry

Rishabh Rochelle Fight Bigg Boss 9 5th November 2015 Episode Written Updates Puneet New Wildcard Entry : The cine-artist Puneet Vashisht, who is best known for his performance in Shah Rukh Khan-starrer “Josh” all set to coming in the controversial reality TV show “Bigg Boss 9” and he is all set to make his grand entrance tonight. Puneet, who will be entering the “Bigg Boss” house tonight, said, he was never a “Bigg Boss” and very recent he saw some of its episode which has been hosted by Salman Khan.

Rishabh Rochelle Fight Bigg Boss 9 5th November 2015 Episode Written Updates Puneet New Wildcard Entry

Bigg Boss 9 5th November 2015 Episode Written Updates

Rochelle ask whom we will make captain? Mandana or Rishab, Prince says we will make Rishab captain, Yuvika agrees. Kishwar says girl and boy cant be friends, Yuvika also said that Rishab is cute, Yuvika laughs, Yuvika says he is new in house so i am being nice to him, Prince says even his bed is near Yuvika, Yuvika goes to Rishab and ask his hair band is his? he says yes, she says i thought it was Rochelle’s.

Prince’s captaincy time ends. Mandana and Rishab will have competition to become captain. task will happen on plank which is placed in middle of pool, both contenders will get pole to fight with each other, they will use it to throw other contender in pool, there will be 5rounds in total, the one who will win 3rounds(by making other fall in pool 3times) will become captain, to give equal chance to Mandana and Rishab, both can choose other inmate to perform on their behalf too, Kishwar will be supervisor of task. Mandana ask Prince if wanna do it? Prince says ask someone else, Mandana says you and Aman are options, Prince says you should ask Keith, she ask Keith, Keith says i am ready to do it but you should choose a person who is heavier. Mandana ask Prince if he will do favor on her? Rochelle says Prince should decide whom he want to make captain, Prince says we said many things to each other in nominations so i wont do it, Mandana says okay Keith will do it for her then, Keith agrees, Mandana says bigg boss Keith will do it for me, Rishab says i will do myself.

Rishabh And Rochelle Fight

Rochelle says to Rishab that you should be lenient with girls, you did dog task but now you should respect girls, Rishab says you kept taunting me in task, Rochelle says it was my task to irritate you, Rishab says you hit me in task too and girls are beating boys in every task and here i want everyone to be equal, if i want girls to clean then i will give her that task and if you girls think that boys cant clean washroom then i will prove you wrong.

Rochelle ask Rishab to remove his bag from bedroom, he says i am captain and i can do what i want, Rochelle says its my house too and i want it to be clean, Rishab says but i will keep it here, Rochelle says bigg boss call me in confession room, Rishab says you all call me devil not captain only then i will listen to you.

Rochelle comes to Rishab and says its not clean to keep bag on your bed, Rishab says i will keep my luggage near my bed only, Aman says you are captain you should not set wrong example, Rochelle screams that this is not cleanliness, Rishab says dont shout, i can shout too, Rochelle says i was taking to you sweetly only, Rishab says dont point fingers at me, Rochelle says its my finger and i can point it, Yuvika ask them to relax, Rochelle says this is my house too, Rishab says you wont be able to irritate me, i will not remove bag, Rochelle says you are setting this example as captain? he says yes, she says then see me, what i do, she mummers some slang, Rishab says what did you say? how dare you call me *****, she says no one listened me saying that, Rishab gets angry and says how dare you call me that, Rochelle says i was saying that for myself, you can shout as much as you want, Prince says you can ask her about slang but dont shout at her, he takes Rochelle from there, Rishab says bigg boss call me in confession room rightnow, Prince says maintain your tone, be in limits with girls, i was silently sitting in corner but i came inbetween when you started shouting here, Aman says to Rishab that you started fight, we all have made rule to place bags in one corner, Rishab says this rule was set by you, i wont follow your rules, Keith says then tomorrow we will put our bags on your bed too, Rishab says do whatever you want but i wont remove my bag from my bed, he leaves, Prince says we should spread our bags in room too.

Puneet New Wildcard Entry In Bigg Boss 9

Puneet directlry speaks to media about his entry and he says, “I never liked Bigg Boss. I have seen just a few episodes, like a couple of this season and some older ones for Salman Khan and Ajaz Khan, who I know from before. But this is a platform, where if you show your talent, you can get immense fame and love of the audience. I want to experience that”.

“My career in Bollywood will be changed – full on. After I come out of Bigg Boss victoriously Salman bhai will be in my house asking me what to do next bro, Shah Rukh and Akshay Kumar will bid for me that they want”, he added further.

He also stated, “Right now, the contestants are doing nothing. They should use their talent to entertain the audience. But they just sit idle. They look so bored, without any zeal or energy. I will bring that required energy into the house. I would tell them to follow me, like during the morning dance routine”.

Apart from Punit Vashisht entry there will fight among the participants’ which will be for the captaincy title. It will be fight for the captaincy title will be taking place between new wild card entry Rishabh Sinha and Keith. The first choice was Mandana Karim and Prince Narula but both refused to be the captain.

It will be sporting funny task at the same time difficult too. Let see who will be wining it. Okay let’s have some glimpses what will be happening after the entry of the 39-years-old movie-performer Punit Vashisht. Tonight the actor will be receiving a Dhamakedaar entry.

The “Bigg Boss” himself will be welcoming him. Eventually, he will be making a grand entry and he will be having friendly conversations with the house-mates.

Indeed as per, report he will be spreading humor there and he will be showing his Jalwa too. He will be laugh; he will be makes people laugh as well he will be literally flat over the floor while laughing.

“Bigg Boss” himself excited to have Puneet in the show and “Bigg Boss” tweeted, “Wild card #PuneetVashist makes a dhamakedaar entrance into the #BB9 house tonight! @princenarula88 @yuvikachoudhary” – Bigg Boss 9 (@biggboss9).