Rishi and Tanu share some pleasant time together! Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 11th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The episode of the TV series “Kasam: Tere Pyaar Ki” begins with Rishi is asking Tannu if she really doesn’t care. And now Rishi went towards Neha. Rishi wants to talk with Tanu but Tanu is in no mood to do the same.

Rishi and Tanu share some pleasant time together! Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 11th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Rishi watched that Tanu is busy in the kitchen doing households stuffs. Neha asks him to zip up her blouse, Rishi smiles watching Tannu outside as she restlessly and now Neha’s phone rings, to find out it was Sandy. She was worried what if he comes here again, and asked Rishi to leave now as she needs to speak with her friend.

Rishi tried to rush towards Tanu to present her flowers. Now Tanu says it is Mehndi when Rishi asked her waht is this. Rishi says it was his mistake, he holds Tannu’s hand while helping her. She looks back in order to leave the Rishi’s hands and Rishi says once she will be accepting his love it is Rishi will be making rain of the flowers on her.

Rishi calls Manpreet asking where he is. Manpreet says he has reached Baani’s room to change the bowls of the Mahendi. Ahna stands there and asked to the Manpreet why he comes here. Manpreet says that he will be breaking bones if Ahnaa try to speak with him. Ahnaa and Manpreet were having cute fight.

Now Tanu apply Mahendi on her hand and Sandy praise her to find out that Tanu is smiling and blushing. Neha says I am very happy with the Tanu’s Mahendi ceremony as it will be bring smile on the Tanu’s face.

But Sandy says I will be happy after Tanu’s marriage as we will be getting rid from her. Now when Tanu was walking it is Rishi holds her and try to speaks with her but Tanu asked Rishi to leave her as she doesn’t wants Baani to see them together.

Rishi asked to Tanu that I know you like me little bit. I am very sure about it. Tanu says nothing like that. Now Rishi and Tanu is share some pleasant time together. She leaves when done. Rishi smiles saying they both love each other but Tanu run away from him and Rishi says to her why you are running away from the fact.

Precap: Bani tells Guljeet that after Mehndi they will throw the girls away, when Tanu will not be in the front of the Rishi, it will be Rishi force to marry Neha!!!