Rishi run Away with Tannu! Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 7th July 2016 Episode Written Update

Rishi run Away with Tannu! Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 7th July 2016 Episode Written Update : In the last night episode of the TV series Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki begins with the celebration of marriage and the family is too happy for the wedding celebration. Rano is busy celebrating the same.


Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode Written Updates

Everybody was applying turmeric to the Rishi and too Tannu and Tanvi too but Tanvi was looking at the Rishi and Rano and Raaj finds them looking at each other but didn’t do anything because they were marry other than themselves. They both think that it was also fine that if Rishi will be get married to Tanvi.

Now Yuvi and Manpreet asked Rishi that they go to the Pavan’s house to collects testimony against him but all goes in vain as they did not found anything.
Manpreet was at the home of Pawan and was trying to make Pavan fool but Pavan realised his intention and he hits on the head of Manpreet. Now Bani was preparing Tanvi for the marriage but when everybody tells them that they have come to the gate.

She leaves her and gets to the gate to welcome them and Tanvi. Tanvi is confused and sad thinking that why she is ready to marry Pavan, instead she loves Rishi. She thinks that Raaj uncle wishes Rishi to get marraide with Neha and for that she will have to marry Pavan as she promised to Bani that she will be marry Pavan as Rishi is going to marry her cousin Neha.

Now Bani was welcoming the guests and she is confused as thinking that to whom she will be doing the first Aart to Rishi or Pavan as both are going to be her son in law.

Bani dancing as she is happy mot her now. Pawan calls and warns Rishi that he will be giving the proofs in front of everyone but he counters him and tells that you might don’t know but I have finished the proof and your brother too. Then he gets very angry.

Precap: Perhaps Tanvi will be married to Pavan and Rishi will be married to Tanu.