Megha Twist! Rishton Ka Saudagar Baazigar 2nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Megha Twist! Rishton Ka Saudagar Baazigar 2nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Aarav telling Why will I do ? Kailash scolds goons and asked who sent him? Inspector told them they will find the real culprit soon. Aru asked Kailash to calm as at least we have caught the goons.


Rishton Ka Saudagar Baazigar Episode Written Updates

Parul asked Aru how did she come to know about these goons? Aru replied she was determined to win and I solved the matter. Aru goes to gear room, and Arrav asked her why did she do favor on him. She told him that I got the goon’s number from your phone and bribed them for money, asked them to meet me somewhere and then, with the help of police I caught them and told them, not to take your name.

She also told Aarav that she spared him because of his parents, if she exposed him, then they would have got hurt, but Arav replied her that I don’t keep anyone’s favor, I will return it with interest. Then, he asked Badri why did he call them.

Badri told them that we need 20 crores to start a plant and whosoever does it first, he/she will be declared the winner. Aru gets worried about this and thinks how she could manage such big amount in less time.

On the other time, Aarav thinks that he will arrange this amount in second but Kailash stops him and told him that it will be unfair for Aru.

Aarav agrees but told Kailash that ” let’s play fair, I can arrange this money on my own, but will your bahu be able to do this, I don’t think so.” Aru replied him ” hat you feel and what I can do, time will tell that the one qualified do not talk about them”.

Then, Aru makes a presentation and applies in Bank for the loan. Rishi comes there and offers help to her, but she denies and told him that she will not cheat and will manage this by her own.

Meanwhile, Padma and Aarav were discussing how to breaks Arus’s confidence, so in future, she will never dare to challenge her. Then, he goes to his room and tries to provoke by watching the videos of babies.
He provokes her a lot and asked him to stop it.

Then, Aarav injures his hand and screams. Everyone come there and asked what happened, Aarav says nothing, I asked Aru if she could do the work, she took the paper cutter and was hitting me.

Kailash asks Aru to com with him and told him to be careful as she has to win against Arav. Meanwhile, Padma changes the pen drive and Arav became happy and think that now he will win.


In the next episode, Aru throws water on Aru’s face and calls her termite. She takes back color and applies on his face, saying she will turn his life’s pic black.