Riya looks at shivam! Mere Angne Mein 26th June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Riya looks at Shivam! Mere Angne Mein 26th June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- In the last night episode of the TV series Mere Angne Mein it has been shown that Sarla and Shanti are going somewhere to meet a person. Pari called Sarla to tell her problem but Sarla said that she is in no mood to understand her problems.

Mere Angne Mein Episode Written Updates

Mere Angne Mein Episode Written Updates

Mere Angne Mein Episode Written Updates

Now Pari and Sarla talk with each other and Shanti asked Nandu to do some works and she asked him to distribute the wedding cards. Sujeev shouts to Pari. Sharmili asked Nimmit to get juice for her. Pari come to Sharmili and asked her to save her as Sujeev calling her to beat her. Sujeev again shouts to Pari rushes towards him.

Pari asked Sharmili to save her from Sujeev but Sharmili scolded her. Riya goes to Raghav’s office to meet him. But Raghav asked to Riya that he is in meeting, Riya needs to wait now for while. And now Sarla and Shanti come to meet Anupam. Sarla said him to have sweets.

Anupam asked her about the matter. Sarla give him marriage invitation card and asked him to promise to come. Anupam gets shocked seeing Chanda and Shivam’s marriage card.

Riya asked to peon about Raghav is coming or not and she shocked to know that Ragahv has been left for Delhi after meeting. Riya said that why did he not tell her. Riya is now worried what will be happening now.

Now Shanti told Anupam that Riya is happy for this marriage. Anupan is shocked and said this is wrong. You guys should not do the same with Riya and it will be affecting the life of both Chanda and Shivam apart from Riya.
Sarla and Shanti see Kaushalya there and Kaushalya asked Anupam for Chandrahaar back. Anupam give her necklace back and also consider her shameless.

Kaushalya took the necklace and leaves. Chanda called her boyfriend. And Riya followed her. But Chanda manages to see Riya on the mirror. Riya then turns away. Chanda told her lover that they got saved today.

Chanda comes home. Riya saw Chanda at home. And Anupam asked to Riya that now Shivam is all set to marry Chanda but Riya says that she won’t let happen this marriage.

Anupam also asked to Riya that Shanti has taken the Chandra Haar and she will be making wearing it to her Bahu Chanda at her wedding night but in the night Kaushalya witnessed ghost in the Shanti Sadan and she screams.