Road Accident: 20 Charred to Death in Bus-Car Collision in Nigeria CCTV Video Footage

Bus-Car Collision in Nigeria: A horrific accident happened when a bus collided with an immobile truck and concluded in 18 death. This happens when a small mistake turns into a big tragedy. This accident took place at 3 a.m. and no rescue team and help arrived until 5 a.m. This is to be said that the 18-seater bus carrying all 18 passengers with a driver was coming from Lagos. Because the whole bus was burnt, they didn’t get anything about the bus route and bus no. but there is a doubt that it was going to Kano or Sokoto, according to sources. The bus has collided in the Gidan Kwano area of Minna-Bida in Bosso council of state. And only two passengers were alive and one died during his treatment in hospital. Bus-Car Collision in Nigeria

road accident

Confirming the incident, Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Abiodun Wasiu said that all the dead bodies (victims) were mass buried near the accident site. He also said that all the route details and number plate were burnt that’s why it is so challenging to recognize the bus but we are doing our efforts to reach a conclusion. Because no rescue team reached the spot till 5 a.m., people started crowding to recognize the burnt passengers. This is to be said that two passengers were saved from this accident and sent to the IBB hospital where one died during his treatment and another one is fighting for his life. His condition is very critical and his chances of being alive are very few.

20 Charred to Death in Bus-Car Collision in Nigeria

Police are working on investigating the reason behind the accident and also searching for where the bus belongs to. Although possible reasons or assumptions are being said that the driver was sleepy that’s why he didn’t see the road and collided with that truck and as a result, the bus burst into flames, where some people are spreading rumors that he was drunk. but no one knows the real reason.

This is so sad to hear that 17 people were died and still not recognized also this is the worst situation for their families and friends. There are some children also on the bus but no one remained alive. all passengers were buried in the accident spot. Hope government will give compensation to the deceased family for supporting them and easing their problems. May all those passengers who have died rest in peace. Stay connected for more updates and information.

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