Robert Downey Jr. Returning on Television After 15 Years Teaming up HBO Drama

Robert Downey Jr. Returning on Television After 15 Years Teaming up HBO Drama: The Hollywood has never been short of brilliant actors, and Robert Downey Jr. is one of the rare actors, that has the potential to brings a real character on the screen.


This artist is famously known for playing the role of rich, stylish, carefree, technology freak, playboy Tony Stark in the Marvel’s series of Iron Man. Robert has been the Iron from last 12 years, and he has made the Iron man his own character.

But, now when he has decided to quit to be the Iron Marvel on the big screen, he is looking to do something different in huis life. And this hunger of Robert has brought him where he had started 15 years ago.

Guys! If you have remembered, Ally McBeal named drama that used to be aired in 2000, was the first television show where Robert started his acting career. And now, the latest news is coming out that Robert is looking to make a comeback on the small screen.

According to the sources, Robert will be seen in an upcoming title that will be aired on HBO. And the interesting part is that Robert will not be acting in this show, but will also be the producer for this show.

Although the officials of HBO tried to hide the upcoming show of Robert, reports are coming out that this show will be  Perry Mason reboot.

Perry Mason was a legal detective drama that used to telecast between 1957 to 1962, and if reports to be believed, Robert Downey Jr. is trying to bring this show back on the television from a long time.

But, now it looks like this show will get soon on the HBO, and this will also feature the comeback of Robert Downey Jr on the small screen after the gap of 15 years.

Meanwhile, when Robert has denied being the Ironman in any series of Marvels, the officials of the Marvels are looking for a girl to hand her the long legacy of Robert and will introduce her as a new Iron girl in the series of Iron Woman.