Roli Shocked To See Sid’s Behavior! Sasural Simar Ka 9th March 2016 Episode Written Update

The last night episode of the TV series “Sasural Simar Ka” starts with Mata ji finds a casket. Malti says they are reaching here. I will handle them. You both work here. Roli tries to break the door, and she breaks it eventually. After opening the women see light and someone standing inside. The person comes close to the Roli and Simar and they shocked to find that he is no one else Sid.

Roli Shocked To See Sid’s Behavior! Sasural Simar Ka 9th March 2016 Episode Written Update

Roli asked to Sid what are you doing here? Sid said that he helped to lock the door with Malti and they helped each other to take out the casket. Sid also narrates that while walking he come in this room as he heard something unusual.

Simar says you were inside. The door was locked? Sid says I make my own way. There is a back door. Roli says why didn’t you open. We have been hitting for long. He says I was scared. I thought someone is trying to break in. Then I heard Simar’s voice. Roli said to Simar and Sid there is must something weird in this house. We need to find out that.

Simar said we will very soon find the answer. Roli is also being fishy and sceptical about Sid that he must hiding something from us. Now Roli and Simar enter in the house to find out the truth.

Roli says I felt like someone is here staring at me. Simar says no one is here. We don’t have much time. We have to check this house. They start looking everywhere.
Madhvi is jumping up the house. Now Simar is anxious for the Mata Ji and she said where is the Mata Ji?

Now Simar come to the Malti’s house. Simar says I asked you to stay in room. Malti says I was there.
Malti says she was faint in the room. Malti says I couldn’t stay in the room but I can’t see, I feel something weird there. What should I do now?

Roli is in her room. Sid is asleep. Sid wakes up. Roli says what were you doing in Devika’s house? I want answers and truth. He shoves her hand and says what you think? I am lying. Roli insists Sid to speaks up but Sid leave from the room.

Sid comes in lounge. Mata Ji also comes there and she catches the glimpses of the Sid. Now Simar arrives and Mata Ji rush towards Simar. Mata Ji said sorry to Simar for what she did. Simar says it’s okay. Everyone shocked to see Mata Ji’s change behaviour towards Simar.

Precap: Roli says to sid you have to tell me truth. I won’t open the door. Sid throttles her and says better be wife don’t try to be my boss or you will lose your life.

Roli shocked to see the change behaviour of Sid and Sid is now leaved.