How to Choose the Best Roller Banner for your Next Event?

Do you know that roller banner is one of the most flexible and cost-effective trade show display solutions for stands finder in Miami beach? Roller banners are responsible for providing a massive layout graphic space, effortless assembly and limitless portability – all of which makes it a popular choice amongst pro exhibitors and expo novices alike. Considering the popularity of roller banners for events, the marketplace has become saturated with different pull-up banner stands to the point of understanding which one to invest in can be overwhelming at times.

If you’re in the marketplace for a roller banner and however, you do not recognize which one to choose, here’s a list of what to consider before purchasing a roller banner for your next event or exhibition.

Cost of Banner

First aspect’s first – you want to set a budget. Generally speaking, curler banners are not way too expensive, however, the price can vary appreciably between several types. The price of roller banner always has a way of suiting into your budget.

Frequency of Use

One of the biggest elements that you need to bear in mind before shopping for a roller banner is how regularly you will use it for your events. If you only showcase multiple times a year or will be using your banner as a permanent function in a foyer or reception area, the Grasshopper Display Banner is just so adequate to suit that need.

However, in case you exhibit a whole lot, you may want to put your money into something a little more robust which could be the Barracuda Pull Up Banner. The Barracuda features hardware that is a bit durable and strong than cheaper alternatives.  That means it will withstand prolonged use than the Grasshopper roller banners.

Banner Size

Roller banners are usually two meters high, however, a few passes up to three meters high. Also, regarding the width, the most popular sizes are 800mm or 1000mm huge, but a few models move up to two meters high. Consider what you want to apply it for and if huge format graphics would work high-quality. Also, consider your advertising message and what kind of space you require to deliver your brand.

Replaceable Graphics

If you showcase a lot and alternate marketing campaigns regularly, it can be worth thinking to purchase a banner with a replaceable cassette. Replaceable cassette roller banners together with the Merlin Roller Banner or the Imagine Roller Banner permit you to switch out your vintage graphics for brand new ones irrespective of the usage of the hardware.  This method allows you to add the pictures yourself while not having to go back to the complete banner to have new pictures geared up.


Most pull up banners have graphics which pull out from the pinnacle of the bottom; however, on the Orient Banner, the photographs come from the front of the base – giving an unbroken appearance as most of the base is included.