Ronnie Turner Cause of Death? Tina Turner’s Son Passed Away at the Age of 62, Obituary

Ronnie Turner, the famous singer from the United States of America died just before some days. His death news was shared by his mother Tina Turner and his wife Afida Turner. When the news of the demise of Ronnie Turner was shared on social media platforms and the internet by the mother and the wife of Ronnie Turner then everyone became totally shocked. However, there is so much about Ronnie Turner that needs to be known by others.

Ronnie Turner Cause of Death?

Ronnie Turner the second son of Tina Turner died at the age of 62. He was among the four children of his mother and father. Ronnie Turner was a singer. He was a person who used to play in a band named Manufactured Funk. He also made his short appearance in the biopic of his mother that was released in the year 1993, What’s Love Got to Do With It.

Who Was Ronnie Turner?

Ronnie Turner was born in the year 1960. He was the second child of two biological children from her husband. Before Ronnie Turner, Tina Turner gave birth to Craig Turner who was born in the year 1958. Later Tina Turner adopted the two children of Ike after the couple had got to be divorced in the year 1978. The Most tragic thing is that the first child of Tina Turner, Craig Turner died in the year 2018 after committing suicide.

The announcement of the sudden demise of Ronnie Turner was recently done by his wife and French singer Afida Turner. She announced Ronnie Turner’s death on the 9th of December, 2022, and called him her “best friend.” She shares that those were the best years of her life with Ronnie Turner. Afida Turner said that she was with Ronnie Turner for the last 17 years. And now when she would have to spend her life without her husband being his widow is the most painful thing in the whole world.

Ronnie Turner’s demise has left everyone in a deep shock. His family members, friends, and his colleagues are finding it very hard to go through the fact that Ronnie Turner is no more there. But now as Ronnie Turner is not physically present, then we should know that Ronnie Turner would be there for his family members, friends, and everyone who had ever played a big role in his life. Stay tuned to the website of Dekh News for the latest updates on the news.

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