Roshni Meets Sid! Jamai Raja 25th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Roshni Meets Sid! Jamai Raja 25th July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- Payal gets to the police station and tells where is Roshni. Whenever she is not here when, where did you send her? She tells it looks Mitul’s information is correct.

Jamai Raja

Where on the other side, Before this case, Roshni takes a gander at the unfilled tree and inquires as to why is this void?

Sid says this is a tree of murkiness. This is the dark piece of our life, terrible memory which I need to pull out of my memory. He says this tree symbolizes DD’s passing.

Your allegations for me, then you coming back again with various name and after that wedding another person in front of me. Roshni inquires as to why did you do this all of a sudden.

Sid says I have a reason . He holds her hand and takes her to demonstrate the notification. He says at whatever point there is thick haziness.

Then we might comprehend that light is closer. He says the sun is shining on our connection a says Sid have quite recently Roshni throughout his life.

He demonstrates the notification to her and says there is just bliss in our life. Roshni understands it and says we are hitched even now, our separated never happened.

She gets enthusiastic. Sid twists down on his knees to propose her with a ring. He says I have two inquiries for you, do you cherish you, and second, would you be able to spend rest of your existence with me.

Roshni cries and embraces him inwardly. She apologizes to him over and again. Tu Hi Tu plays. Sid says I am sad and apologizes to her. He says I will tear this paper and let the things be as it may be. Roshni beats him teasingly and embraces him.

Roshni inquires as to whether Maa thinks about it. Sid says yes. Roshni says despite the fact that we are a couple, I can’t leave Neil.
Sid says you need to abandon him and says Neil cherishes Ria as it were. He never adored you and sees her in you. He says in the event that you don’t abandon him then their adoration won’t discover a way.
Roshni says then why this is going on? Sid says he has the arrangement to know Payal Walia and says she is in charge of his condition. He says we need to act as adversaries in front of everybody.

Roshni concurs. He is going to kiss her, yet Roshni stops her, says Neil supposes me as his significant other, it isn’t right to kiss another person spouse. Sid thinks when will Neil move from their way.

Mitul goes to the Police station and comes to realize that Roshni is not there. She calls Payal and educates her. Payal gets irate and says on the off chance that this information isn’t right then. You won’t be saved. She ponders Sid’s self-important conduct and gets irate.