Roshni romance Sid! Jamai Raja 11th July 2016 Today Episode Written Update

Roshni romance Sid! Jamai Raja 11th July 2016 Today Episode Written Update : The last night episode of the TV series Jamai Raja begins with Neil think about his girlfriend and Roshni thinks about Sid. In the meantime during this time span Roshni go close to Sid as still, they are unconscious after drink.

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Jamai Raja 11th July 2016 Written Update

In the meantime, the proximity of Sid and Roshni is observed by Naina and she is shocked to see so. She thinks that Neil’s and Roshni and Sid’s past are coming to ruin the present life of the trio. Now Roshni is wake up from her intoxicates night and rush to the washroom.

Sid also woke up with the heavy head and he realised that last night he crossed limits with Roshni. Roshni also realised the same and she is now feeling guilty and embarrassed. Meanwhile, their closeness’ has been observed and witnessed by both Ananya and Neil.

And Neil shows his anger towards Roshni for what she did by taunting her and saying that he wishes to break coconut on her heads. Sid is shocked to see so and he also witness that Neil pushes Roshni.

Neil’s mother holds and scolded Neil for what he did with Roshni but Neil announced that he is having a right to do so as Roshni is her legally wedded wife and being her wife she should not deceive him.

But still she is such a characterless that she spends her night with another man despite she is married to me and these words about Roshni unable to bear by Sid and he was about to slap Neil.

But Neil’s mother holds his hands and denied him from doing the same and Roshni also said stop it and broken down in tears. Ananya also saw humiliating Roshni as Roshni dare to go cosy with her husband Sid and Ananya also had been seen cursing Roshni.

Roshni tries to calm down the anger of Neil and sorted out the conflict but still all goes in vain as she unable to do so and Neil is still had been seen angry on her.

Precap: Roshni asks Neil if he is coming to office. Neil says no, and he will also taunt Roshni by saying in office she can openly romance with Sid. Later Roshni asks Sid to leave, and will ask him not to intervene in her life.