Royal Enfield Classic 500 Unveiled Limited Edition Model Price Specs Features

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Unveiled Limited Edition Model only 190 Models will available in India: Well, reports are coming that Royal Enfield has launched its one of the most awaited and valuable model which is inspired by a World War II model used by British paratroopers called the Flying Flea.

You all should know that it is one of the most amazing models also the company launched new limited edition model, called the Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus. We are sure that you all are going to love it and you all should know only 1,000 units will be made available globally, of which 190 will be available in Britain.

Also, the Gordon May, Royal Enfield historian, said, “The Royal Enfield Flying Flea is the most fantastic story. Imagine these motorcycles that could be parachuted behind enemy lines. Nothing like that had happened before. And it’s something that’s now engrained in both motorcycling and Airborne forces’ history.” Some reports are coming that the new Pegasus is priced at GBP 4,999 (around ₹ 4.5 lakh) and will be available for bookings online from July.

We are sure that this will be available in India at normal price. Still, you all should know that prices have not been announced yet. We are expecting that they are going to increase the numbers of sale and 250 of these limited edition bikes will be sold in India as well. Also, the reports are coming only 1,000 Royal Enfield Pegasus Limited Edition motorcycles will be built

Some sources are saying that the company will release Pegasus model in two colors like Service Brown and the other called Olive Drab Green. Also, the reports are coming that it’s not clear yet whether the military olive green shade will be permitted to be commercially sold in India. You all should know that 1000 Classic 500 Pegasus Edition motorcycles will carry a unique serial number stenciled on the fuel tank, reminiscent of the 250th Airborne Light Company that served during World War II.