Ruby Hoshino Cause of Death? What Happened To Her Eyes? Update 2023

In today’s article, we are going to investigate viral news. There is a strong curiosity among people to uncover the cause of death in Ruby Hoshino’s previous life. Ruby Hoshino, a central character in the manga series Oshi no Ko, is known as the deuteragonist and shares the spotlight as one of the titular characters. Previously known as Sarina Tendoji, she fought a terminal illness and received care from Gorou Amamiya. After passing, she was reborn as the child of her beloved idol, Ai Hoshino. In her new life, she found solace and admiration as her idol-turned-mother nurtured her and taught her how to be an idol. Undeterred, Ruby and her twin brother overcame the devastating loss and revived her mother’s former idol group. With the support of her friends, she strives to fulfill Ai’s dreams and achieve success.

Ruby Hoshino Death

Ruby Hoshino’s untimely death cause was a result of a terminal illness. The tweet expresses admiration and enthusiasm for Ruby Hoshino, stating that she is the best girl and impossible to dislike. Ruby, also known as Sarina Tendoji in her previous life, played a significant role as the deuteragonist and one of the titular characters in the manga series Oshi no Ko. Sarina, a patient fighting a terminal illness, received care from Gorou Amamiya before ultimately passing away. Growing up neglected by her parents in her previous life, Ruby found solace and joy in her new life, as Ai became her new mother and taught her how to become an idol from a young age.

Ruby Hoshino Cause of Death?

Sadly, this newfound comfort was abruptly shattered when Ai met a tragic fate at the hands of a disturbed fan. Despite this heart-wrenching loss, Ruby, much like her twin brother, rose above the despair. Determined to fulfill Ai’s dreams, she revived her mother’s former idol group and embarked on a journey with the support of her friends to achieve the aspirations that Ai held dear. In the manga series, Oshi no Ko, Ruby Hoshino, the daughter of Ai Hoshino, possesses a unique and distinctive feature in her left eye. Ruby Hoshino’s eyes resemble the vibrant hue of rubies, a detail that holds significance as she was named after this captivating gemstone by her mother.

Like her mother, Ruby has a star-shaped mark on her eye, which adds an enchanting and mesmerizing touch to her appearance. This star symbolizes their connection and serves as a testament to the bond between mother and daughter. Interestingly, Ruby’s twin brother also inherits this star in his right eye, further highlighting their shared lineage and the extraordinary nature of their family’s connection. This characteristic becomes a significant aspect of their identity, making Ruby’s eyes a striking feature that captivates the attention of those around her. We have shared every single piece of news about this case with you. So, Stay tuned to Dekh news for more updates about this case.

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