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Rummy World Coming to Goa LIVE!

There is a new buzz coming to the rummy world. This time the excitement is all about the grand rummy night that is being hosted by RummyCircle at Goa. Well, this is not the first time that a live rummy tournament is coming to a city near you, but things are very different here.

A combination of online games and offline excitement

Rummy is a popular game in India and players love to enjoy this game on their mobiles and laptops. It is so much more convenient to just log in and play rummy online. Taking care of this comfort level, is the Grand Rummy Championship by RummyCircle. The tournament starts right on their website with qualifier tournaments being played out each and every day. Every hour there is a fresh qualifier round starting. So, even if a player has missed out one particular round, there are many more to select from.

What comes next is the Sunday Finale. From all players playing every day in these qualifier rounds, the winners battle it out at the Sunday Finale, happening at the end of each week. Then comes the final round for the players winning the Sunday Finale. They will get the Golden Ticket worth 75,000 to enjoy an all-inclusive Rummy live event at the Lalit Resort & Spa, Goa.

The Mega Rummy Experience

The best of rummy players battle it out at the live tournaments at Goa. This grand finale is a LIVE! Championship that will be played offline at the location. Players from all over the country will be welcomed in style and challenged to win the mega grand prize worth Rs. 20 Lakhs. The event is not just about the championship but the complete experience.

Bundled with live performances, wine and dine, all inclusive stay, travel reservations and more, players experience the best of rummy. Yes, this is once in a lifetime experience. The thrill is going to last all night long and the prizes worth every moment spent.

Who all can participate?

Well, just about anybody who find this offer hard to ignore. You can learn how to play rummy and get started with the daily qualifier rounds. If you are thinking, beginners can’t win this game, you are wrong. Rummy is all about skills and timing it right. Yes, you need to practice like crazy, but you still get to experience the grand event at Goa.

Tips to get smart with rummy

To participate and win this grand event, here are some rummy tips that you can apply to your game and work on improving your skills.

  • Concentration is most important: Yes, when you are playing offline as well as online, you need to give the game your undivided attention. If you have thoughts flying to other pending tasks, you are bound to miss out on those important moves. You can even lose a winning game with one small error from your side.
  • Act fast but not in haste: Don’t expect things to move slow in such grand rummy championships. But fast definitely doesn’t mean to act impulsive. You need to think fast and observe the moves of your opponent. What cards he drops and what kind of a hand he is trying to make.
  • Observe the facial reactions: Remember, the Rummy Grand Championship is an offline event. So, you will be able to gauge the reactions of your opponents. This can be a big advantage for you. With the right skills, and key observations of your opponent, you can win the tournament with ease.
  • Get confident about cash games: Even though each qualifier round takes you to the next round, without any cash winnings, however at the end of the tournament, you are playing for cash. Further, each qualifier round has a registration fee that the player has to pay to participate in the tournament. It is therefore very important to get completely comfortable with playing rummy for cash. Also, as a condition of the tournament, only cash players can participate.
  • Get started with small games: If you are playing rummy for the first time, then get started with the small cash games. This will help you understand the flow and then you can participate in the tournament directly.

Get ready to play big

So, without waiting any further, get started with playing rummy online and participate in the once in a lifetime opportunity to play rummy at Goa, live!