Rumors of D.O. Leaving Fans Of The EXO Group Resurface

Various online communities, EXO-L have been restless with another rumor of D.O. possibly leaving EXO worrying them.

Fans of the group EXO claimed that on October 5, after successfully wrapping up their concert in Japan, all members of EXO were scheduled to return to Korea. But, when the rest of EXO returned from a safe flight as expected, D.O. was not seen with them in the flight.



As per the comments on online communities, when idols stay behind after schedules overseas, it means that the idol is dating, or there is a quarrel between the group. Recently, D.O. has no immediate schedules for the first half of October, as fans confirmed via the schedule calendar of the group.

Earlier in the month of September, rumors of D.O. leaving EXO also arose after he missed out on a group ‘Sketchers‘ CF schedule without any official notice. Fans claim that D.O. considers his acting career his first priority and he is busy going out for drinks with his actor connections

Some are also comparing the situation of D.O. to that of former Super Junior member Kibum, who was technically a part of Super Junior for a long time but never participated in any of the official schedules of the group.

Other comments included that with D.O.’s visuals and his physical, if it weren’t for EXO, his acting would not be worth anything but he is gotten so full of it after a few roles and thinks he is Choi Min Sik. He already seemed like he did not want to be an idol anymore. In an interview, He said that he did not want to get skin care like idols. He has acting disease so he thinks being an idol is not worth it. He did not go to Hawaii because he was out drinking with his acting connections. He must be looking for a new company through all his connections.