Rumours: Apple likely to remove Physical Buttons in IPhone 8

Rumours: Apple likely to remove Physical Buttons in IPhone 8 :- It quite common that we heard numbers of the rumours regarding the upcoming smartphones of Apples. With Apple working on their new flagship Apple 8, the smartphone market has been hit with numbers of regarding the Apple 8. The latest rumour is coming out that the tech giant Apple might exclude  sport physical buttons.Apart from this, it is believed that the IPhone 8 will come with the with a glass device with an OLED Panel and Apple might use plastic OLED panel as its display. The reports revealed that the company has taken decision regarding the inclusion of plastic OLED panel after the customer claimed that the previous model suffered numerous scratches while inside his pocket.

Apart from these, it is believed the Apple might include edgeless screen and can remove bezels from the top and bottom of its display, as well as drop the physical home button altogether and incorporate the Touch ID into the screen. There is another rumours regarding the inclusion of A11 chip for better processing and might contain iris scanning for advances security.

The Apple company is looking to introduce the Apple 8 with without buttons, but its not something new that has been introduced to the world as the same kind of the smartphone is Mi 5s which boasts with a fingerprint sensor and a home button under the glass.

However, Apple like always did not revealed anything about the IPhone 8 and it will only be clear when they will launch it in 2018. Till, then stay tuned with us for every exclusive news about Apple IPhone 8.