Russian Presidential election 2018: With Putin a Heavy Favorite

Russian Presidential election 2018: With Putin a Heavy Favorite: On the last Sunday, the Russians were voting in a presidential election extensively anticipated to cement President Vladimir Putin’s power for the next six years.

Polls first opened in the whole nation of Russia Far East, and 107.3 million voters are approximately eligible and turn to be appropriate to cast ballots across the 11 time zones of one of this massive country.

On a Sunday morning, Putin cast his vote in Moscow.

Russian Presidential election 2018: With Putin a Heavy Favorite

“I am sure of the correctness of the course that I propose for the country,” he said, as per a state news agency RIA-Novosti.

Roughly 97,000 polling stations have been opened, as per the Central Election Commission and the Russians have a choice of eight candidates, which is consists of the communist Pavel Grudinin, a fruit-farm millionaire, and Ksenia Sobchak, the daughter of Putin’s political counselor.

This election is regarded as to have the logistical responsibility for a vote which is crucial and important for a one-sided affair anyway.

There is no consequential opposition going on in this matter, and Putin’s foremost political opponent, Alexei Navalny, has been denied from joining the competition.

In spite, of this a lackluster campaign period, the 65-year-old President comes as a clear front-runner.

Putin is now seeking his fourth term as president which proved him the nation’s one of the longest-serving leaders since the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, which is a big deal indeed.

This win should be a Putin-led Russia in anticipation of 2024, the post which he is constitutionally appreciative to stand down anyway.

At the same time due to the vote may seem like a replicate of the Putin’s rule since 2012 election, this one is mainly charged with the anti-Western sentiment. In the midst of few election-related events reportedly said, that the Russians are seeing more news of the nation’s diplomatic crises which is with the United States and the UK.

Voter apathy

The Kremlin, though, is concerned about turnout which is said to be an uneventful campaign period and also there is less competition has turned some Russians uninspired.

Navalny has once proposed about the boycott of the election since he was compressed out of the race.

A gesticulate and series of the anti-government protests in the past year also witness which being advice that the growing fatigue with corruption scandals seeping via the Kremlin and Putin’s inner circle of oligarchs as per the various media reports.

Russian Presidential election 2018: With Putin a Heavy Favorite

Nevertheless, Putin is authentically a famous figure amongst the many Russians, who observed him as a strongman who lifted the nation out of post-Soviet chaos to immovability anyway.

Polls in the past have too display that Putin’s popularity rises at the period of confrontation with the West, so Russians become visible as to be shrugging off the current diplomatic crises.

Russia-UK relations stabbed and thrown into turmoil over the poisoning of a Russian ex-spy, his daughter and a police officer on British soil in the last month of early. British Prime Minister Theresa May defined this as the “highly likely” the Kremlin was behind the attack, and both countries have disqualified their diplomats in a fragmentary tit for tat.

Russia has also vowed to strike back post the United States forced new sanctions on the nation in the last week over its reported cyberattacks and meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

In these both cases, Moscow has allowed going the allegation of connection in the attacks anyway.

But such conflict with international powers is somehow supposed will not hurt Putin at home.

Actually, he may be having a collection of confrontation with international players on this election. His United Russia party helped parliament to move the date of the vote to the fourth anniversary of Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.

Take over the Crimean Peninsula in 2014 actually penned about Russia’s role on the world stage which also marked the starting of new, heightened tensions with Western powers.

Only diplomats vote in Ukraine

When this is clear that there will be continued of the tension between Kiev and Moscow, Ukraine stated on this Sunday it shall not permit Russians in the whole nation to vote at Russian consulates, as per a statement come from the government information agency, Ukrinform.

The statement stated about the only diplomats can have access to Russian diplomatic institutions on Ukrainian territory for the period of the vote “in order to avoid provocations and possible grave consequences.”

The Russian diplomatic buildings in Ukraine actually as per decision heavily guarded by Ukrainian police, it added further.

An additional, the Russian Presidential applicant is the ultra-nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia.

“These are elections of the supreme ruler not only of Russia but of the entire Planet Earth,” he said post having cast his vote in Moscow.

“Everyone should know that no one will do anything without Russia’s participation, and we would like everyone to understand that we are choosing the leader of Planet Earth, the leader of the seven billion citizens of the planet for whom we want to provide real peace, and not what they are doing from London, and other capitals. I would very much like everyone around the world to hear the ringing of the Kremlin clock bells every day and for everyone to know the Russian language very well,” he added further.