Epic Twist Today! Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 12th September 2016 Written Updates

Epic Twist Today! Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 12th September 2016 Written Updates :- Jaggi and Urmila got caught by the police but Jaggi and Urmila make an excuse that she invited her for dinner but Mansi refuses. The police let them go as there is no evidence found against any of them. Kokila is worried but at the same time Jaggi and all the Modi family reach there and Gopi scolds Urmila as her single mistake could ruin her plan. Jaggi asks her to calm down but she scolds him too.


Mansi and Pramila are bothered with Modi’s daily drama. Meanwhile, Paridhi comes out and Mansi shouts at her and throws her out of the house without even listening to her. Jaggi takes selfies with the whole family as for the last memories. The moment makes Gopi recall of Ahem.

Paridhi scolds Mona for leaving her alone in the trouble and gives her example of Gopi and Kokila’s strong bond. Mona makes her believe that they will be best and be together as always. Mansi becomes violent as she missed the chance to take her revenge. Pramila tries to calm her down.

Pramila makes her remember of their goal to ruin Gopi’s life as they have waited for 5 years to make Gopi’s life hell and there is no profit of taking them out of the house. Instead, they have to focus how can they make her life hell.

Preps are going on at Suryavanshi house and Payal makes a plan to make a difference between Dharam and Meera’s relation. Suddenly Ritesh lost the control over the tub of flowers and spills over Meera. Ritesh apologises for this. Dharam feels jealous with the act. Further Ritesh helps Meera to take flowers out of her hair. Naiya and Payal smirk. Vidya notices them and wonder.

Jaggi does all the preps to welcome Mansi in his own style in order to stop Mansi from demolishing the house. Mansi, Pramila, and Krishna enter and greet everybody. Pramila announces that they will stay here with them as a family since they own half of the house.


Jay and Veeru inform Kokila and Urmila that Jaggi is missing. Urmila got worried and think if Jaggi cheated on them and left them in despairs. Everybody looks on tensed.