Mansi is Surprised! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd September 2016 Written Updates

Mansi is Surprised! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd September 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Gopi was trying when Mansi told her that she has told the 50 percent of the Modi. Jagya started celebrating and teared up his clothes and give it to Gopi to wipe her tears. Gopi stops crying, and Jaggi says its good that she did not wipe her tears with her cuff clothes otherwise she would not have tolerated the smell.


On the other hand, Vidya asked Meera did she got hurrt when Dharam Ji sits in pooja without asking her? Meera sits silently, and Vidya says she got her answer.

Gopi was still crying as they have only four days. Kokila says we have 48 hours, and we will find a solution for this. Mansi and premeila came there and asked Gopi what she will spare Kitchen or Temple? Thye both laughs.

Jaggi decided to teach Premeila a lesson, so he mixed colors in her die. Premeila goes for bathing and comes out with a towel on her head. Jaggi was enjoying ice cream with Jai and Veru. Premiere shouts seeing her hair in a mirror. Premiere came down and asked who did this to her?

On the other side, Dharam sits alone in Pooja. Mira came there and said she would also sit in the pooja. Urmila suggested everyone to ask Jaggi to act like Ahem so that he will take back the papers from them.

Gopi says Jaggi and Ahem are like two opposite poles. Jaggi says kk; then I will not do it. Urmila asked Kokila to convince Jaggi to do it. Kokila says Jaggi is very intelligent, and he will do it.

Jaggi says Gopi does not trust me so that I will go back. Urmila convinces him, and Jaggi comes out of a room and explains her plan to everyone.


Mansi will see someone in dark and asked him to come out. Jaggi will come out as Ahem and will wish Mansi a very happy birthday. Mansi will get shocked.