SNS Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th October 2016 Today Written Updates! Gopi Gets Angry

SNS Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th October 2016 Today Written Updates! Gopi Gets Angry :- The TV series Saath Nibhana Saathiya is showcased in the last night episode that Urvashi sees that Gopi is having quality time with Jaggi and Urvashi doesn’t want them to be together. She wants Gopi and Jaggi to be separated. Kokila also doesn’t like togetherness of Gopi and Jaggi but Jaggi is heavily smitten by Gopi.


Meera is angry on Dharam and she is kept crying in her room. Dharma tries to make her cool by offering her food to eat but she refused and she is did not eat anything since morning. She also stops talking with Dharam.

Vidya is worried for her Di Meera and she prepares snacks for her. She asked Dharam to feed her the snacks in the evening but till then Meera already consumes a bottle of sleeping pill out of anger. Dharma and Shravan are also shocked to see that Meera is lying senseless in her room and the sleeping pills are just spread around.

Dharma now asked Shravan that we have to make her do vomit as she receives a high dose of sleeping pills as well Shravan asked to him that we have to take her to the hospital. Gopi is on the other hand not aware of the Meera’s condition and she prayed to god that tomorrow it is Kokila Maa Ji and Parag Bau Ji’s 50th wedding anniversary and Gopi thinks to celebrate the day.

Urvashi thinks to keep away Jaggi from Gopi as she doesn’t want Jaggi’s life to get ruined with Gopi. Meera is shattered to know that she can never be a mother in her life and Meera is also now out of danger after her treatment. Dharam tries to console her but Meera also humiliated him for that.

Gopi asked Jaggi that he need to take Urvashi to a temple where he should pray for Urvashi’s good health and happiness. Gopi now does Puja and prayed for Parag and Kokila also think about the moment she shares with her family.

After Puja Gopi serves dinner to Jaggi in his room to have some quality time with each other, Urvashi sees both Jaggi and Gopi together and fumes on anger. Gopi also asked Jaggi that he should always keep his mother Urvashi happy.

Precap: Jaggi shows Gopi a family photo frame which he got clicked recently. Gopi asks if he mixed pills and finally after avoiding Jaggi said yes and Gopi breaks the photo frame out of anger.