Gopi’s Dupatta falls on lamp! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th August 2016 Written Updates

Gopi’s Dupatta falls on Lamp! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th August 2016 Written Updates The show starts with Mansi’s goon was looking at Gopi and pulling out their gun, but after seeing a lot of people they stopped. Meanwhile, Sona returns to her room and finds out that his newborn baby was missing.


Meanwhile, Mona and Pari enter Urmila’s room and disguised as garbage pickers. They apply gum to their sarees and fix money to it and then wear saris and walk out. Sona finds her babies in the balcony.

On the other side, Gopi comes back home and ask Mona and Pari who are they? They told Gopi that they are garbage pickers and walks out. Meanwhile, Gopi asked Sona that ” she will pick money from Urmila’s room and count whole money, till then she can go back to Urmila and Kokila”

Kokila and Urmila sell all the sarees and see Pari and Mona. They asked Pari and Mona that who are they ? They replied garbage pickers. Then, Kokila and Urmila asked them to have food with them, but Pari says they are in the hurry. Urmila doubts on them and says at least they can eat food with them.

But, suddenly Gopi comes out and shouting out that money is not here and asked Sona where she keeps the money? Sona says in the box, Gopi replies that money is not there. Sona says she saw garbage pickers there.

Urmila checks Pari and Mona’s bag but found only garbage. Then, Pari and Mona shouted on them. Gopi apologizes to them. Krishna suggests them to check the house once again.

On the other side, Naiya wears Meera’s jewelry and plays song loudly. Meera who is tensed thinking who took Priyal, hears something breaking in Naiya’s room. and when she checks out, she finds that ” Naiya stands in a shock”.

Meanwhile, in the Modi Bhavan Pari and Mona started walking slowly but Jai and Veeru see money peeping out from their sarees. They, inform Kokila and Urmila. Kokilla shouts and asks them to catch them both.

They caught them both and finally came to know that money was fixed in her sarees. Some, money fall down and Mansi’s goon took that money. Dr. Krishna asks them to return it, but they deny and pull out their gun and shoots and the bullet touches Krishna’s shoulder.

Meanwhile, Meera enters Naiya’s room and find out that she was wearing her jewelry. Meera shouts and asks her to not wear her jewelry. She even handed over the key to the locker to her, so she can buy her groceries. Naiya returns her jewelry to Meera in teary eyes.

Prakash was hiding and listening to all these. He says to Naiya, that “he will cut Meera’s feathers that she will not dare to even walk, forget flying”

On the others side, everybody gets worried for Dr. Krishna. But, he says he is ok. He goes home and comes out wearing bandage and sling and says he is fine now.


In the upcoming episode, Premila sees Gopi sleeping on home temple stairs and fumes that because of Gopi, her son was shot. She turns fan’s direction and Gopi’s dupatta falls on temple lamp and catches fire.