SNS Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode Written Updates! Jaggi does pooja in temple

SNS Saath Nibhana Saathiya Episode Written Updates! Jaggi does pooja in temple :- The last night episode of the TV series Saath Nibhana Saathiya begins with Dharam, Shravan, Meera and Vidya are rushing towards the hospital to see Gopi. Dharam is consoling both Meera and Vidya as they are completely breakdown for their mother Gopi.


In the hospital, Gopi is being treated and the Modi family has been seen worried for her. Jaggi feels bad for Gopi as she saves her and he was saying a lot of wrong words for her. The doctor comes now and asked the family that they are in doubt that Gopi should not sleep into Coma as her situation is too critical.

Doctor said that now only a miracle can save Gopi and the family looked worried. Mansi has been arrested on the other hand in an attempt of the killing Gopi and Mansi blames her as she unable to killed Jaggi. Dr Krishna is assured to Mansi that he is going to make Gopi free anyhow.

Navya informs to his fiancée that because of Riteish and Vidya her plan against Meera has been failed. Kokila and Parag discuss something about Gopi but they did not discuss it in front of Urvashi as they wishes to save Gopi anyhow and Urvashi doesn’t like Gopi.

When Jaggi hears that only god can save Gopi he just goes to the temple with the support of his one feet.

Bleeding is happened with Jaggi but still he did so as now for him it is the priority to save Gopi as Gopi is in this situation as she tries to save him. Urmila got teary eyes and pledge to god that may this effort and sacrifices of Jaggi should not go waste.

She prayed to god that he need to save Gopi anyhow. Now one side Gopi’s treatment is going on, on the other side Jaggi is praying for Gopi in the Mandir (Temple). Jaggi is having teary eyes and Urmila is staring at him.

Precap: The Modi family is worried for Gopi and looked on.