Urvashi paid hospital bill! Saath Nibhana Saathiyan 19th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Urvashi paid hospital bill! Saath Nibhana Saathiyan 19th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :”- The show starts with Jaggi cries remembering his mother and Urmila grants him lassi and asked why he is crying like a baby. Gopi informed Jaggi that nurse called and told her that Urvashi’s condition is steadying, so he should meet his mom in the early morning. But he leaves immediately.


Naiya gave sweets to Payal choreographer and informed her that their plan is successful as Dharam and Meera are fighting. Payal remarks she wrote R in Meer’s Mehandi instead of D.

Vidya listen to this conversation of Payal and gets angry. She kicked Payal out of the house. Naiya imagines she will get Meera out of this house before her bidaayi.

Jaggi reached hospital wearing a burqa, and enters Urvashi’s room, and says she is her friend Zubeda. Urvashi said she does not know any Zubeda. Jaggi showed his face and told Urvashi that Krishna works in this hospital, so he had to hide his face.

Mansi entered Urvashi’s room and was shocked to see man’s bracelet in Jaggi’s and reasons why a woman is wearing man’s bracelet. She asked Jaggi about this. Jaagi in a female voice told her Urvashi gave her to repair it. Mansi invited him to show his face, but Jaggi says Muslim never showed their face.

Prakash came to Naiya’s room and tried to romance with her. Naiya told him that Vidya interrupted his plan. Prakash asked him to get Vidya into confidence and rest he will handle.

Urvashi told Mansi that she could not force a woman to show their face. Mansi tried to remove Jaggi’s veil, but Jaggi started making noise. Krishna came there and took Mansi with him. Later, Krishna and Mansi came to know that Gopi paid the bill for Urvashi.
Vidya tried to inform Shravan about Payal and Naiya, but Naiya interrupted them and sent Shravan. Later, Naiya cried and told Vidya that she is innocent. Vidya believes she will not trust Naiya now and will keep an eye on her.

Jaggi returned to Modi Bhavan and mimicked how he fooled Mansi in the hospital. Krishna with Mansi came there and informed Gopi that hospital people returned her cheque as she entered the wrong date on it.

Precap: Mansi will ask Gopi who is Urvashi that she paid Urvashi’s hospital bill.