Modi Family Laugh! Saath Nibhana Saathiyan 26th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Modi Family Laugh! Saath Nibhana Saathiyan 26th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Gopi telling Jaggi that Ahem used to love Mansi a lot but may be Mansi will take her time to express their love. She said that Women’s no mean yes. Gopi falls, and Jaggi picked her up and took her to the room. Gopi says I don’t need your help. Jaggi says It mean you want me to lift you, Gopi says no.


Premeila asked Mansi to take her medicine. But, Mansi shouted on her and told Premeila that she want her to eat medicine even she is fine.

Gopi called Meera and Vidya and asked them to tell her about the relationship of Ahem and Mansi. Vidya told her that she does not remember. But, Meera told her that Mansi gave Ahem a ring and pink shirt and asked them to wear when he accept her love.

Mansi checks Ahem’s package and found a gift box fully wrapped. She found ring but the ring was missing. Urmila came there and gave the same ring to Gopi and told her that she found it while finding something for Jai and Verru. Gopi says she know what she needs to do next.

Jaggi entered Mansi’s room wearing pink shirt and ring. Mansi gets shocked and says he cannot be Ahem. Mansi checks out and saw Jaggi with Gopi in the hall. She gets happy, and Ahem asked her to hug him. Suddenly a smoke came. Urmila signs Jaagi that Preimala is coming and Jaggi goes silently.

Mansi shouts Ahem Ahem and Premeila says why she is shouting Ahem. Ahem.? Meera was walking in her hall, and Prakash told ACP that Meera is sad because she married double aged man. Meera told Vidya that she is really worried about Gopi as Mansi can do anything. Vidya asked Meera to relax.

Premila and Mansi check Jaggi in the hall. Jaggi made fun of Premeila and Mansi leaves angrily. Jaggi says his plan get successful, and now, everyone will wait and see, what I will do next.


Premila and Krishna tie Mansi’s hands to give the injection. Mansi pleads not to. Krishna says relax and gives the injection. Modi family peeps from door and laugh.