Sachin Tendulkar asked Twitter to delete fake Sara & Arjun Tendulkar’s accounts

Sachin Tendulkar asked Twitter to delete fake Sara & Arjun Tendulkar’s accounts: -Well, Sachin Tendulkar is in tension nowadays and the reason is his children’s fake accounts on Twitter. These accounts are being the big problem for the cricket god Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. After the fake Twitter account of her daughter, Sara Tendulkar, posted tweets targeting Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar, he trapped in problems and he has urged Twitter to remove all such fake accounts of his son Arjun Tendulkar and daughter Sara.

Now, you all are may wondering that what really, Sara Tendulkar’s fake account posted in twitter that turns Sachin Tendulkar very furious. So, let see, on Sunday, a Twitter account named @SaraSachin_rt  posted something very bad which is “Everyone knows that Sharad Pawar NCP looted Maharashtra state but little known that he tried center too (sic).”

After this post, everybody started talking about it and it gets lots of impressions by the other twitter accounts. After this tweet angered, NCP legislator Jitendra Awhad sought an explanation from Tendulkar. This whole thing becomes more viral when the former cricketer and batsman took the Twitter to clarify and said that neither Arjun nor Sara have any twitter account.

Even, he wrote that “I reiterate the fact that my children Arjun & Sara are not on twitter. We request @Twitter to remove all such accounts at the earliest (1/2).” “Impersonation wrecks havoc creates misunderstanding & traumatizes us. I appeal to the platforms to take corrective measures immediately 2/2.

Now, Twitter didn’t respond to this problem till now and we think that they need to take a look on this very serious matter. Also, we think that these types of fake account of any celebrities and public figure ruined the taste of Twitter. So, we think that they have to take a serious note on this issue. Let, see what happened next.