Sadhvi Prachi offers Rs 50 lakh reward for Zakir Naik’s death

Sadhvi Prachi offers Rs 50 lakh reward for Zakir Naik’s death : The fresh controversy by the religious preacher Sadhvi Prachi after given the statement, In which she announce his offers Rs 50-lakh reward for Zakir Naik’s death. where also Zakir Naik is an Islamic preacher, But Sadhvi Prachi said him as a “Terrorist”.

Behead Zakir Naik, get Rs 50 lakh award, announces Sadhvi Prachi

According to the statement, Hindutva leader Sadhvi Prachi given the announcement to a media person in the rookie, Uttarakhand. Where on Wednesday, She announce the rewards 50 lakhs to anyone who will be killed the Zakir Naik and also she said, Zakir Naik is not a religious preacher, but he is a terrorist.

Also, A Hindu religious preacher, Sadhvi Prachi Hindu Parishad leader, and clarified that she has made the statement in the news and tell her personal capacity and it was not to be associated with the outlay.

From the report, Where She said government also screening the terror links of all “such sermon going in madrasas” over the country and after that statement, she also announced that she got a mysterious call, most likely starting from some other nation, issuing dangers. “The guest presented himself as Shahid and debilitated to capture me,” Prachi said, including that she will hold up an objection with the police Thursday morning.

The declaration comes a day after a Shia bunch, recognizing itself as Hussaini Tigers, offered Rs 15 lakh abundance on Naik’s head and she said, Zakir Naik is a ‘khalnayak’ and He has abused the predictor.

And if anybody will be killed him then definitely would be rewarded not only in history but also she get the rewards from mu side 50 lakhs. Zakir Naik and his instruction now under the scanning post because of in the Dhaka cafe terror attack, where two terrorists impressed by him instruction.