Salman Khan and Munni teamed up once again for another hit

Salman Khan and Munni teamed up once again for another hit : Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan is one of the films that left us teary and we can watch again and again without getting bored. Aside his honest imitation of an intrinsic Pawan, it was his comradeship with Munni aka Harshaali Malhotra that left us in aww every time we watch the flick and we just fell in love all over again with the duo.


Their faces were heartening. Now if we imagine the movie without this cute kid, it was nothing else than a complete waste of opportunity. And not only us but all the Bolly stars feels the same. Since then, the kid roped in as Munni she is hitting headlines for all the right reasons. And we are just dying to see them together once again on the screens. This is now not just a dream but a dream come true.

The duo is shooting for some new project and this is confirmed. Salman and Harshaali rolled for the cameras as for an ad yesterday in Mumbai. It is nothing but a biscuit brand that brings the duo together. Although the cameras concentrate regularly on Salman, the little kid just makes an appearance in the ad. According to a source,

A parody of Selfie Le Le forms the ad jingle here. When we got in touch with Harshaali’s mom, Kajal Malhotra for more details, she refused to give any as she can’t. But she did confirm that such a shoot occurred and the ad will be out in 10-12 days.

Well, we are super excited to see them together once again as Harshaali is very dear to Salman the duo shares a great bond together.