Salman Khan is Upset with Anushka Sharma’s Shocking Statement

Salman Khan is Upset with Anushka Sharma’s Shocking Statement : Anushka Sharma might have just demented off her Sultan co-star Salman Khan. While a recent interview celebrating the victory of Sultan on the box office, Anushka talked about her clumsy association with Salman. Her precise words were, “I don’t know him at all. I have done one film with him and that’s the amount of interaction I’ve had with him.”

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However, it looks like this talk hasn’t gone forward too well with Salman and his camp. A source says, “It was really fortuitous of Anushka to make these annotations and say these kinda things about Salman. It sounds odd when she stated that she doesn’t know Salman at all. After working with him in a film, how can she go out and say that she’s daunted by him and doesn’t know him at all.”

The reference adds that Salman was completely caught off guard when somebody told him about her commentary. “He made a few phone calls to verify if she had really said it. When he find that she did utter those talks he was a bit chaotic! He believed that Anushka relished working with him.”

surprisingly though Anushka and Salman had to put a bold face on and face the media flocks at Sultan’s victory meet and greet on Friday twilight at Panvel. They both posed for pictures, took photographs and gave their obligatory smiles. But behind the scenes, told things were quite strange.“Salman will surely keep a distance from Anushka in the future. Also, her response to his rape comment hasn’t gone done too great with the actor. It looks that all the ground they covered during the shot of Sultan is now mislying because of her comments.”We wonder if Salman will ever work anew with Anushka in the doom or will he overlook her comments and move on!