Salman Khan ‘Raped Woman’ Comment Controversy Anurag Kashyap Says Actor Must Apologise

The Bhai Jaan of Bollywood is again in news but not for his movies. Salman Khan has been in Controversy for his statement that he made in his interview.


Salman was in the middle of an Interview, and when the reporter asked him that ” How do you feel being playing the role of a Wrestler in your movie Sultan”.

Salman answered this question as ” It really feel good to play the role of a sportsman but the every time I used to come out of the ring after working hard I felt like a “Raped Women”.

Salman’s this controversial interview’s audio’ clip then went viral on the social media. People started expressing their view on this issues.

It is said that Salman is comparing himself to a Raped Woman and his statement has hurt the female society of our Country.

A lot of eyebrows were raised on the Salman Khan and especially the sentiments of his female fan following was hurt.

Although, many Bollywood celebs supported the Salman Khan and asked the media to not revolve this story into the wrong lane.

Salman’s brother mentioned that” Salman did not mean to hurt the sentiments of Female society, sometimes we misunderstood the intention of another people and this is the case in Salman’s controversy”

He also mentioned that ” Salman will apologise only when he will  feel that there is any need to apologise”

The director of Yuvraj Subhash Ghai supported Salman and told the media that ” I know Salman for 20 years and he respects women and he did not mean to hurt the sentiments of his fans”.

Meanwhile, the mother of Nirbhaya questioned Salman “Does he really understand the feeling of Raped woman ”

On the other side, Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap asked the Salman Khan to apologise.

Shiv Sena called the actor’s Comment as ” Callous” and Manisha Kayande who is the party leader of Shiv Sena told the media wing that” we think this comment is a callous and Mr. Salman Khan must apologize for this”

On the other side, Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil who is the congress leader asked told the media wings that why we are giving so much of attention to this man and an FIR should be File against the Salman Khan for his comments.

Meanwhile, Salman has not responded to the whole issue till now but his father Mr Salim Khan has apologised on behalf of his son and asked everyone to forgive him for his comments.