Samajwadi Party (SP) in UP final names of 160 prior to Assembly Polls Seats

Samajwadi Party (SP) in UP final names of 160 prior to Assembly Polls Seats:- The Samajwadi Party who is currently a ruling party in Uttar Pradesh, India finalised the name of nearly 160 candidates. The Samajwadi Party has quicken its preparations for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls. The ruling party formed committees. The main aim of committee is to gather the feedback about sitting MLAs. The committee also suggest a shortlist of potential candidates in those constituencies where no candidate have been announced yet.


The Ruling Party “Samajwadi Party” has divided Uttar Pradesh into 18 zones. The 18 zones cover 403 UP Assembly seats. The party made two Member of Legislative Council(MLC). The both MLC have been deputed to each zone. The two MLC have to visit all constituencies under their area in Uttar Pradesh, remain behind the scenes as much as possible. The MLCs have to gather the information and feedback without any fanfare.

The Chief of Samajwadi Party asked to MLCs to camp in their areas. The MLCs have to meet the party leaders as well as neutral observers from the society to collate public sentiment and what the voters are thinking.
MLCs will appraise the execution and notability of sitting MLAs of the Samajwadi party. The seniors of Samajwadi party are making a plan to drop sitting MLAs because they want to mitigate the anti-incumbency which is against the Government.

A segment of the Samajwadi Party feels that they enjoy a good image with CM Akhilesh Yadav. They think that if they drop the sitting MLAs who did not touch with the voters in their constituency, they will mitigate the anti-incumbency against the party.

At a dinner last month, The chief of Samajwadi Party Mulayam Singh Yadav assured MLAs of renominating them for the upcoming state assembly polls.