Samsung fined $533 million for copying iPhone design by US court

Samsung fined $533 million for copying iPhone design by US court: Regarding the Samsung, smartphone, on the last Thursday, a federal court jury, ordered that the Samsung will have to pay Apple $533 million for copying iPhone design features which were developed around seven years ago.

Samsung fined $533 million for copying iPhone design by US court

Jurors tacked on an additional $5 million in damages for a pair of patented functions which is like somehow award appeared in the sector of the victory for Apple, which had argued in court that this particular design is very essential to the iPhone.

The case was sent back to the district court following a Supreme Court decision to revisit an earlier $400 million damage award. The jury essentially split the difference between Apple’s request for $1 billion and Samsun’s argument for $28 million.

In order To arrive at a damages award of more than a half-billion dollars, jurors are somehow likely to have something in order to buy into Apple’s reasoning that design which is also an important part of the iPhone which is also essentially mentioned in the “article of manufacture.”

The South Korean consumer sought the lower figure which is of the electronics titan that has involved treating the design features as components.

The jury had been asked to determine whether the design features can have some issue in the case which is worth all profit made from Samsung smartphones that copied them or whether those features are good enough for the fraction as the are components.

“Samsung isn’t saying it isn’t required to pay profits,” John Quinn, the Samsung attorney, said during closing arguments on Friday.

“It is just saying it isn’t required to pay profits on the whole phone.”

The Apple also argued in court that the iPhone was a “bet-the-company” project at Apple which is having the design that is as much the “article of manufacture” as the device itself.

The 3 design patents in the case which is applied to the shape of the iPhone’s black screen with rounded edges and a bezel and the rows of colorful icons displayed anyway.

The all-important questions of the value of design patents rallied Samsung supporters in this tech sector, and Apple backers are also regarded as the creative and design communities.

The Samsung mobile phone also won the backing of major Silicon Valley and other IT sector giants, which is consists of the Google, Facebook, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard, that claimed a strict ruling on design infringement which can lead to a surge in litigation.

The Apple was also supported by big names in fashion and manufacturing. Design professionals, researchers, and academics, citing precedents, including, the Coca-Cola’s iconic soda bottle.

The case is one building block of a $548 million penalty — knocked down from an original $1 billion jury award – the Samsung was ordered to pay for copying iPhone patents.