Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone catches fire on mid air flight to Chennai

Chennai: In a terrifying incident on Friday, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone caught fire in mid-air on a flight that was inbound to Chennai. The incident took place at 7:45 am. A senior official of DCGA has called Samsung officials to discuss on the matter.

In the wake of this incident, The DCGA has also advised all public and private airlines to make an announcement on every flight to switch off all Samsung devices on flight.


As per the sources, the flight crew noticed smoke emanating from an overhead baggage bin and used a fire extinguisher to control it.

The meeting between DCGA  officials and Samsung officials will be held on Monday. This is the first incident where a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone has been reported catching fire.

In a similar incident:

The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone is presently known to be causing fires across the world citing an issue with faulty batteries.

South Korean Smartphone Manufacturing Company – Samsung recall 3 million its new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone from at least 70 countries after the case of caught fire.

This technical problems create a huge loss to Samsung and it also impact on its market value.