Check Video: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Ad Teases New Features Specification

Check Video: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Ad Teases New Features Specification :- WOW! it’s a big bang announcement by the international South Korean smartphone manufactured company Samsung has posted a fresh teaser for the “Next Note.” While it rumors that a brand new upcoming Note 7 and Still the video was about as unclear as you’d assume it to be for an unannounced smartphone, Although they did mention around at a few points to expect from the Note.

According to the source reports, Where the launched teaser of the Note has shown in this video, in which rotary telephones in water, and which indicates that the Note 7 would be water resistant.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ad teases new features

However, Samsung has released a brand-new teaser for the “Next Note and that teaser starts with someone inserting fingerprint, and then some miscellaneous patterns attempting to unlock the smartphone.

Which could be viewed as a hint towards iris scanner and that would make authentication accessible. Following that, the teaser makes to a girl using selfie facing a light bulb.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ad teases new features1
While In that clip suggesting some sort of a low-light selfie focus or apparently a front-facing flash to feature in the upcoming device and in addition features that the video is also presenting a road sign about a curved road where it’s indicating Samsung Note is likely to sport Edge display.

Now in shortly we explain the exclusive features of the much awaited upcoming smartphone Note and which is given below :

They showed rotary telephones in water, which is a sign that the Galaxy Note 7 will be water resistant.

A girl taking a selfie with a light bulb in her face for light hints some sort of solution for low-light selfies.

Someone inputting complex passwords also patterns, While possibly a tease that the iris scanner should improve authentication comfortable.

A road sign about a curved road teases an Edge display of the Note.

A highlighter being used to highlight sentences in a chapter is a clear inclination to the S-Pen.

At the end of the day, although, it is a questionable teaser, and we’ll have to wait for proper specifications before passing anything off as truth. While we won’t have long to wait for that as Samsung is making the statement on 2nd August 2016.