Samsung Galaxy X – Leak Reveals in Market Crucial details about the Phone

Samsung Galaxy X – Leak Reveals in Market Crucial details about the Phone: – Well, Samsung Galaxy X rumors are out on the market and surely it is going to make you all amazed. Now, the smartphone is not really coming soon but rumors are coming that the market is full of assumptions and people are already talking about the features and specs of the phone. Overall, now thing big is out but sources are saying that it is going to be a foldable smartphone.  Even, few Sketches of the device have surfaced online providing critical information about the device.

As per the leaked reports, Samsung Galaxy X’s picture is leaked online and smartphone indicates that the smartphone will benefit from a heart rate monitor. Overall, according to a Dutch website LetsGoDigital, the sketches of the Galaxy X foldable phone that were released by the World Intellectual Property Organization. We are sure that this new sketch is going to make you all amazed for sure. Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs Leaks

As per the sketch, we can say that it is are believed to be originated from a patent application submitted by Samsung in June last year. The device, as the sketch shows, will feature a hinge in the middle of the device, which is presumed to be the central attraction of the Galaxy X. Even, the reports are coming that Samsung already claimed that and surely they are going to get the foldable mobile phone for the buyers this time. Redmi Note 5 Bezels up Front

Earlier, a patent suggested that the pressure applied on the display will also have a pressure sensitive display to determine the force is applied on the screen. The feature was first seen on Apple’s iPhone 6s dubbed as the 3D Touch. We are expecting some big things from the handset and surely it is going to make bang news in the market.