Samsung Grand Duos Burst Out In A Man’s Pocket: Samsung Claims The Battery Used is Third Party

Samsung Grand Duos Burst Out In A Man’s Pocket: Samsung Claims The Battery Used is Third Party :- The Samsung Company is again in news and this time because the gadget burst in someone’s pocket which is risky news literally.  The news is coming from Indonesia when an Indonesian user who has Galaxy Grand Duos Smartphone in his pocket has caught fire.

Because of this burst, the person had some injury on his face and also he suffered for the same. The Smartphone is one of Samsung’s older Galaxy Duos, and it was launched in 2013. Now the company investigated about it and reveals the reason of burst out is because of the use of the third-party battery.

Samsung Grand Duos Burst Out In A Man’s Pocket

As per a new report, the model in question here had a third-party battery. Samsung said to the CNN “We sincerely want quick recovery of our customer and the person, but we will also authentically advocate or recommended that people or customer should not use the third party battery for their Samsung gadget.

The owners of the Samsung also presents a video in which he tries to say that for the gadget of the Samsung company people should use the battery of the original Samsung instead of the third party battery.

Anyway, regarding the news how a Samsung burst out on a man’s pocket is going viral through the CCTV footage shared by Channel News Asia recorded the entire incident on tape. Yulianto had his Galaxy Duos inside his shirt pocket and just as he was reaching for it, the device burst out.

From the video, it is being visible that the Smartphone exploding with his shirt pocket covered in blue flames. Someone comes to rescue and right away, removes his shirt in order to avoid the further injury on the person.

Samsung clarified saying, “From a methodical examination and investigations, we are shocked to finding that the battery used in the gadget device was not manufactured by the Samsung company neither Samsung authorized the company of the third party.

In fact, the battery was taken from a third party which is not justified.

We sincerely wish for our customer’s swift recovery, and strongly recommend all our consumers to use Samsung’s genuine or approved batteries for the Samsung products and should not go for the batteries which are coming from the third party.