Samsung likely to launch Cosmetic Products devices, New Smart TV Services, Cosmetic Products at CES 2017

Samsung likely to launch  Cosmetic Products devices, New Smart TV Services, Cosmetic Products at CES 2017 :- The Consumer Electronics Show 2017 will be held on the 4th January 2017, and the lovers of the technology are keeping their eye on this event. With this event to go, South Korean based company, Samsung is looking to showcase numbers of devices for their users in every corner of the world.According to the reports, Samsung may come with numbers of new devices on 5th January, 2017 at Consumer Electronics Show 2017 including C-Lab projects, i.e., the Tag+ Bluetooth button, smart TV services to all the users, S-Skin skincare system, and Lumini cosmetic device.

Check out below for the detailed specification of different new devices of Samsung:

1. Tag+ Bluetooth Button

The Tag+ is a device which will allow the user to connect to smartphone application and will also allow kids to control their toys with the help of a Bluetooth LE. This user needs to long press the Tag+ button, and then, it will respond from a connected application. The kids with the help of Tag+ toys can connect to the different people across the world with same identical toys.

2. S-Skin and Lumini

The Samsung has now decided to launch two cosmetic devices for the users especially for the female user. The S-Skin device will allow the user to identify the numbers of the skin problem.

On the other side, Lumini will capture the picture of the user and will suggest them the cosmetic products that can be benefitial for their skin and health.

Well, apart from the all these devices, Samsung will also come with the three new Smart Television services to all the users that include Sports, Music, and TV Plus at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017.