Samsung Tizen Mobile Apps Program Announced for Developers With Cash Prizes of $10000

The Samsung company has brought the unique, and motivational cash offer for the developers build apps for Samsung Tizen Mobile Operating Systems. The company launched the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program for the developers whose application comes in the 100 bets downloading app, and they will be rewarded with the price amount of a $10,000.


The Company will offer the price amount between the month of February 2017 to September 2017, and it will be the perfect opportunity for the 9 million people to cash this golden opportunity.

Although, the company has made clear that the application must be developed under the Tizen SDK and the company also announced that it aims at the Samsung Tizen Z1, Z2, and Z3.

There is also a speculation that the company will launch other Tizen-powered Smartphones in the year 2017 and it seems like the Samsung does not seem to want to swap Android for the homegrown software on upper devices like the Galaxy Note 8 and S8.

Mihai Pohontu, The VicePresident of emerging platforms at Samsung informed media wing that ” Tizen is becoming more important for us. It’s one of the ways we can sell smartphones at very low cost in emerging markets. “Also, Tizen powers our TVs, wearables, and IoT. It even powers our security solution, Knox. We’re very serious about Tizen. It’s a wonderful operating system. We’re committed to Android, though. Our high-end handsets will run Android for the foreseeable future.”

Well, it looks like Samsung will follow the paths of the Google as they started manufacturing their own smartphone Pixel. Meanwhile, it is the perfect opportunity for the developers to win the reward of $10,000.