Samsung to come up with a Batman-themed Galaxy Note 7 Injustice edition

Samsung to come up with a Batman-themed Galaxy Note 7 Injustice edition : At the time when Samsung launched the “Injustice” edition for Galaxy S7 Edge it took many of us by surprise and now looks like faddish South Korean company is again planning something similar and can come up with the “Injustice” edition for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.


Let usremind you, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge “Injustice” was inspir ed by Batman and it included exclusively black colored rear on which Batman rang was engraved golden color. If some rumors are to be trusted then Samsung can come up with the similar variant of Galaxy Note 7 as well.

Reports suggest that the new Galaxy Note 7 “Injustice” variant will be especially for the Chinese market and will entail the combination of whopping 6GB of RAM with 128GB of storage on the board. Few images have been surfaced up that show Galaxy Note 7 in similar black colored rear and batman rang engraved on the back in golden color and a customized User Interface that let one feels as if they are using a handset which is especially fabricated by Lucius Fox and Bruce Wayne. Apart from that it will also include similar collector’s goodie edition.

What is “Injustice”: God among Us?

It is quite a popular game which is set in the alternative version of the DC commerce universe. Joker forced Superman to commit horrible atrocity and he lobotomize the villain. Superman then decided that now there is going to be justice by his own rule and he has to take over the world and to achieve his target he recruits villain as well as heroes to impose his orders. Batman along with other super heroes resists the orders of the Superman.

This game is updated with new character and modes. It is the first digital comic which is still popular even after its launch. It is going to be a dual SIM smart phone and the chances are very high that this limited edition will be launched within few weeks.

Company has not yet revealed the other features of this handset so one has to wait for the time once this handset goes official.

Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 “Injustice”:

Company has not divulged details regarding the price of the handset but it can be expected to be priced slightly higher than the regular version of Galaxy Note 7. But nothing can be said affirmatively, till the time company doesn’t make it official.