Samsung’s latest ad ‘poking fun’ at Apple while comparing S9 with the iPhone 6

Samsung’s latest ad ‘poking fun’ at Apple while comparing S9 with the iPhone 6: This is the time of the year when the mobile phone company Samsung takes out in order to present a feature of the ad poking fun at Apple. Both mobile phone company Apple and Samsung are caught up and involves in the long-standing courtroom battle at the moment.

This hasn’t prevented the South Korean tech giant from releasing an ad taking potshots at the present of its competitor. This isn’t the first time when Samsung has an ad which will take various digs at the Cupertino-based company.

This company is known for the releasing ads that mock a number of features of the iPhone. When the iPhone X had released, Samsung’s ad was somehow made fun of its notch – something which goes on the latest scenario reportedly.

The new ad goes something like this: a young lady appears in several situations where the ‘slower’ iPhone lets her down while people with Samsung S9 get their work done via the help of the jiffy.

Like, the accessing of the Google Maps on iPhone is display to the terribly slow or getting tickets scanned at an airport counter which also somehow looks like, the awkward.

Now in the ad, it shows that the lady then goes to an Apple store in order to complain and is said by an executive that she required turning off her performance management.

Now it seems like, that obviously, Samsung is trying to hit Apple at the battery slowing fiasco that is being admitted to in December 2017.

The ad ends with the lady is finally ‘being happy’ as she has shifted to a Galaxy S9. The message of the ad being “Upgrade to Galaxy”.

This one is the good and better ads arrive from the Samsung but it doesn’t hide the fact that the mentioned lady also has an iPhone 6.

This ad does have a very hazy ticker in the starting time that mentions due to the unavailability of other iPhone models, the iPhone 6 was used.

This is no less than, that’s what Samsung would like to make their viewers perceived and believe. Though, comparing the iPhone 6 – a phone launched almost around 4 years back – to the Galaxy S9, the new and the latest handset in the market is a bit ‘trying too hard’.

This is also so that, the iPhone 6 runs the latest iOS but still it’s an older smartphone anyway.