Sandhya makes Plan! Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th September Episode Written Updates

Sandhya makes Plan! Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th September Episode Written Updates : The show starts with Terrorist telling Real Scientists that they do not want to kill them. Arpita listens to all this nd she thinks to call commissioner. But Sandhya finds out her and runs after her. Jimmy follows Sandhya and Arpita. Jimmy says we need to kill Arpita.



Arpita told Sandhya that she will reveal, everyone, that you are a traitor to this country. Sandhya shoots at her and she falls out of the window.

Then, Arpita returns to her home nd inform everyone that she has killed Arpita. Jimmy says yes she has killed Arpita in front of him. Leader praises Sandhya and asked what kind of promotion she needs.

Sooraj says Sandhya cannot do this. A leader shows him the newspaper and told him that is this news wrong? Sooraj says this is the lie. Bhabbo asked everyone to not say Sandhya anything as she did all this just to save us.

Sandhya narrated her plan to a leader. Leader says how I will come. Sandhya says we all in the helicopter and there will the another guy in helicopter nd you will replace him. Leader says good, we will succeed in our plan.

Meanwhile, Leader asked Jimmy to make something dangerous this time. Jimmy says I will make this. They notice someone at the door and went to check. They found PP there and asked him what he is doing there. PP says I am doing the security service here.

Then, Leader asked Sandhya Is she ready? She says yes. They all got ready. The leader told everyone that you will all see us on TV and if Sandhya tries to do anything else, they I will blow up you all.

Sandhya and all terrorist leave the house. The terrorist sees their poster on the streets of Pushkar and they make fun of Sandhya by saying that Pushkar Police made us famous.

Sandhya and terrorists were in a car and an Inspector asked them to go ahead. Sandhya tells every one terrorist that this was the last checking and now, we will reach the dinner place.


In the upcoming episode, Sandhya says we will execute our plan. Arpita and Commissioner help her. Sandhya and Sooraj help the kids to run and Rocky point a gun at them.