Sandhya Shows Ved To Bhabho! Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Sandhya Shows Ved To Bhabho! Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th April 2016 Episode Written Update :- Ved points out an ambulance and asks Sandhya to check out what is happening there? Sandhya walks ahead and asks but Binny came there and calls Sandhya as she turned she see a man with the blue body.

Ved continuously asks about him but Binny averts him. Sandhya thinks what kind of disease is this? Suraj feels lonely without family ladies, Babasa also agrees. But says that everything is same without them.Suraj tells Sandhya’s importance in his life.

Diya Aur Baati Hum Episode Written Update

All ladies reach to Binny’s home and offer them beverages. Sandhya again asks about them but she avoids her. Binny’s daughter-in-law comes in and says that disease is Neelvish. She describes the symptoms of that disease and Binny introduces her as her daughter-in-law Kirti to everybody.

Ved makes a call to Om and asks about that disease but Om says he never heard of this disease and tell him to talk to him later.

Sandhya meets Riddhi in the kitchen who is stuck in a container. She helps her. Riddhi introduces herself and says she is a fond lover of books. Sandhya wishes her good luck and asks her about Neelvish. She asks her that is she atheist? Sandhya says no I’m a theist. Riddhi says that assume it as a god’s boon hidden in a curse. Sandhya got jarred.

Maasa is in a hustle to reach to her home. Emily sees a packet in an almirah. She keeps that back in its place. She takes out a plate and heard a sound of a medical machine behind the almirah.

Sandhya is thinking about Neelvish. Binny says don’t think about it and there is some reason due to that she can’t tell her anything. Riddhi shouts Sandhya rushes to see.

Ved is fallen on the floor, his body is half blue and shivering.


Everybody rushes to see Ved and Suraj also reach there. Binny says that is why I was avoiding you now he got caught by Neelvish.