Sanskar Shouts on Swara! Swaragini 29th June 2016 Written Updates Episode

Sanskar Shouts on Swara! Swaragini 29th June 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The latest track of the TV series Swaragini showcased that Sahil all set to blackmails Swara by Sanskar’s life in risk. In the coming episode of the daily soap Swaragini, it will be shown that Swara will be in a huge dilemma as Sahil will attack Sanskar with poisonous gas!

Sanskar Shouts on Swara

Swaragini 29th June 2016 Written Updates

As per the report, there will be more trouble in Swara and Sanskar’s life now as in tonight’s episode we will see the great expose where Kissan (Varun Kapoor’s) identity will be revealed. Swara (Helly Shah) will be sad to see so and she will be announced that she wants now divorce from Sanskar. But eventually, somehow she will be gained her memory back.

She will be now making a grand entry in the Maheshwari house and the family is now happy to welcome their Bahu (Daughter in law) Swara back now. Parineeta is anxious and scared to see the comeback of Swara but Swara will be showcasing her real attitude to Parineeta.

However, there is trouble in Swara and Sanskar’s life. Sahil (Anuj Sachdeva) is passionately in love with Swara and he wants to have her anyhow. Now perhaps Sahil will be now doing something bad to Sanskar as he always plans evil.
And then he will be calling Swara with some peculiar selfish condition. What Swara will be doing now, it is the crux of the story as she can’t allow any misfortune to happen with Sanskar anyway.

On the other hand, the latest report is showing that Swara will be not only hit Pareenita, in fact, she will also reveal the reality of her. After the reality of the Pareenita will be coming out, the entire family will be leaving her, even her husband Adarsh.

Pareenita will be broken down in tears and she will be seen begging for the forgiveness’ but all will be gone in vain and the family will be praise Swara as she is proved herself ideal Bahu (Daughter in law) of the Maheshwari family.

Gradually, when Ragini will convince the family to give a second chance to Pareenita and to forgive her, the Maheshwari family then will go with Ragini and Lakshay and Sanskar will manage to convince Adarsh.